Anyone else struggle with a sensitive tummy baby?

This oil blend is the reason I started sharing my blends and the essence of The Cle Co. Cleo’s tummy was a constant struggle in the first few months of motherhood and what made it harder was seeing this content, happy baby in the day become so uncomfortable and distressed at night. It took us so long to get it right, and even now it’s not perfect but we are equipped with several things which help and seeing her relief is enough for me to want to share them. ⠀

Cleo’s signs of colic / wind / upset stomach:⠀
👉🏼 screaming as soon as I lay her down flat⠀
👉🏼 bloated, hard stomach⠀
👉🏼 not easily burped (god the hours I would spend!)⠀
👉🏼 normally content, and after certain feeds uncontrollable screaming⠀
👉🏼 would be asleep, and then wake screaming (I knew this was gas related once when I was nearby and heard her pass wind before waking, it was obviously enough to hurt her and startle / scream in pain)⠀

Things I did and still do now because I’m not certain she’s outgrown them and I’m definitely not ready for a relapse:⠀
✨ @biogaia infant colic drops (I buy this every month and once a day in her bottle)⠀
✨ I stopped breastfeeding, looking back I feel as though I could have changed my diet and it might have helped. Less leafy greens etc. But, she’s happy on formula so that makes me happy⠀
✨ @novalac_infant_formula colic formula. Amazing! And yes, it does make her constipated like the reviews. I balance it with their constipated formula with one bottle in the morning (which I put her colic drops in)⠀
✨ @theclecollective tummy oil ☝🏼 I’ve managed to ease up on this now. But whenever she’s got wind or constipated massaging this onto her feet and tummy will definitely let her pass within an hour or so. Always pack it while travelling! The plane gives her gas (everything gives this girl gas 🤦🏻‍♀️) so sure enough the night we land she’s in need of a good massage⠀
✨ Crawling, get that colic baby moving! Best thing for Cleo is her being active. I find on days that don’t allow as much there’s definitely some discomfort. ⠀

Every baby is different, this is just what helped and still helps us.

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